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Four Seasons Plumbing has built a solid reputation as the plumber of choice in the Hendersonville, North Carolina, area. When you call us about a plumbing problem, we will listen to your concerns and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. We will come to your home, assess the situation, and provide you with a free written estimate for the plumbing work you need.

Hendersonville Plumbing Repairs

Our uniformed, licensed and insured plumbers will arrive with all the tools and training needed to get the job done right. When they are finished, they will thoroughly clean the work area. After the service call, we will follow up with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied. We want your experience with Four Seasons Plumbing to be the very best possible.

Service you can trust in Hendersonville

Coming to Four Seasons Plumbing for your plumbing needs means coming to a company that is committed to your full satisfaction on every project. We aim to wow you with our trustworthiness, service, and expertise.

When plumbing repairs such as hot water heater repairs are needed, you can feel confident knowing that each of our trucks are equipped with a full range of parts and fixtures. This means we won’t have to order parts and come back another day. We can complete most plumbing jobs on just a single visit to your home.

If your equipment needs to be replaced, our professional plumbers will recommend the most cost effective solution. They are also happy to provide tips on maintaining your plumbing, so you can prevent future problems.
If you have a plumbing emergency, we know that’s something that can’t wait, which is why we offer speedy and efficient plumbing services for your home or business. We will work quickly to remedy your repair concerns with fast and reliable services–guaranteed. If your job is larger or more challenging than normal, we will provide the additional manpower and expertise necessary to handle it right when you need it. When you use our emergency services, you never have to worry about paying extra costs, either.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Has this happened to you? You’re taking a shower and just when you are about to rinse the shampoo from your hair, the water turns as cold as ice! You then spend the next frigid seconds frantically trying to get the shampoo out of your hair. As you jump out of the shower, you tell yourself you hope this never happens again.

Unfortunately, running out of hot water when it is needed is a common problem with traditional water heaters. You might think this can easily be remedied by switching to a new heater with a larger capacity tank, but the truth is that even big tanks run out of water eventually. Bigger tanks also cost a lot more money. The real solution to this dilemma is to replace your old water heater with a tankless water heater.

Unlike a traditional tank which has a storage tank to continually keep water at 120 degrees, tankless water heaters are high-powered systems that instantly heat water on demand as it flows through the unit. With a tankless water heater, there is never a shortage of hot water. And, because water is only heated as needed, money is not wasted on gas or electricity to keep gallons of water heated when it’s not needed. Contact us today at 828-216-3894 to learn more about tankless water heaters. This may be just the solution you’ve been looking for!

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What Our Hendersonville Customers Are Saying About Us

Four Seasons Plumbing is rated 5 /5 based on these 13 happy customer reviews

Had a leak from a mysterious source thanksgiving WE. Called 4 seasons and got a very professional answer about availability, cost, what to expect. Within 1 1/2 hours Dave apprived, diagnosed a cracked dishwasher as the source of the leak and charged me a most reasonable fee for a Saturday am call. I’d use this company again.

Ann Robinette | Hendersonville, NC

Went extremely well. No glitches of any kind and Matt, the technician, was very polite, personable and informative. And he cleaned up his work area completely. I have used Four Seasons Plumbing before and will use them for future plumbing work. A 5 star company with 5 star employees.

Sharon D. | Hendersonville, NC

We had a leak in one of our toilets. They followed up with us to schedule the Big Deal promptly. They ended up replacing our toilet because there was a large crack in it that could not be repaired. They showed us where the crack was when they pulled the toilet out. It was on the inside of the toilet so it was difficult to locate visually. They were very good with explaining things and they were very personable. We’ve had at least 2-3 different plumbers who couldn’t figure out the problem so the service with Four Seasons was very good. They were very much polite and came on time for the job.

Marjorie M. | Hendersonville, NC

Very pleasant service mechanic…knew his stuff.

Kenneth T. | Hendersonville, NC

Everything went well,no problems.

James B. | Hendersonville, NC

Replaced a Direct Vent propane water heater with a larger, higher-end model. The craftsman arrived on time, diagnosed leaking water heater and offered me all options. I was thinking about a tankless hot water heater but with upgrades required to meet code, the cost was prohibitive. Ryan and Max upgraded my existing plumbing and replaced with a new hot water tank. They also made recommendations for water treatment systems to increase the longevity of the new equipment. It turned out to be more of a project than I expected but Four Seasons is a very competent and professional company and they arrived with a well stocked truck and everything necessary to finish the job. The new tank had different dimensions that the previous one so the project needed to be adapted to the new configurations. They stayed on the job diligently, finishing with a very professional installation, nice looking and up to local codes. This is a professional company with trained craftsmen that know their field thoroughly.

David H. | Hendersonville, NC

Project was to replace 56 yr. old drain pipe from kitchen and lavatory. Employee Joe showed up around 10AM and worked straight through till project was finished, did an excellent job, was neat, as neat as a plumbing job can be, new what had to be done and did it to my satisfaction.

Don M. | Hendersonville, NC

Matt did a very good job. He was also very professional. I was very pleased with what he did.

Piper A. | Hendersonville, NC

John Mayer came to clear my drain and had to fix the whole drain thingee in the tub. During which he had to make a hole in the bedroom wall and check the pipes under the house. The drain is working much better. He repaired the wall and actually reorganized the corner where the wall repair was made which was very sweet of him. I had a coupon from Angie’s List so the cost was less.

Judy R. | Hendersonville, NC

My water stopped flowing intermittently over the last couple of weeks. Being fairly new to the area, I did not have a plumber in my stable of contractors, so I turned to Angie’s List and was impressed with the reviews of Four Seasons Plumbing, and especially their tech Matt. When I called I said it wasn’t an emergency, but that I needed someone to check it out fairly quickly lest it become an emergency. I was scheduled the second appointment for the next day. Within an hour, Arlene called back and said that the first appointment of the day had canceled and she would send the tech out by 9 AM. She told me his name and said he would be badged. The next morning the office called to let us know that the tech was on his way and that there was an additional trainee coming as well. The office seems to pride itself on security and that you know exactly who is coming into your home. Matt and his trainee, Devon, showed up on time. Matt quickly analyzed the situation after listening to our concerns and investigating the pressure tank and well pump. He said we would need a new pump, that the motor was getting too hot and that it was shutting off to protect itself. Since purchasing our house we have found that the builder cut a lot of corners. It was no different with the well pump. It was a very big job since not only was the pump substandard, but so was the piping that they had to remove and replace. Both Matt and Devon spent the entire day replacing the pump. They were friendly, professional, and cleaned up after themselves. Four Seasons is now my plumber. It was a big expense, but I felt that I got quality service.

Patricia A. | Hendersonville, NC

Replaced water heater, went very well.

Ron P. | Hendersonville, NC

They replaced a failed pressure control valve on my water supply line that had failed and left me with almost no water pressure. They responded immediately, showed up promptly and did the work expertly at a fair price. It required digging up a buried line and Matt worked hard to do it. Very professional.

David S. | Hendersonville, NC

We had a Water Heater Flush and Whole House Plumbing Inspection by Comfort Central through an Angie’s List coupon. We recently moved into a 7 year old home that has been unoccupied for several months and thought htis would be useful.Almost immediately after signing up, we received a pleasant call asking when we wanted to schedule. We also received a call the day before our visit with the time and name of the person to be servicing us. Also received a timely follow up to see how the service was provided. There was a whole house inspection, including a water heater flush done very efficiently and thoroughly. A written list of possible problem areas was provided along with a detailed explanation. All very informative and helpful. There was also a sales pitch for their “special customer program” and their “list price” services which gave every customer the same price for the same services. Comforting to know your total cost up front, but we thought the total cost was fairly steep. We will address some of the issues presented ourselves (replacing hoses on the washer) and may scout around for additional proposals before acting. All in all a very “good deal”.

Greg H. | Hendersonville, NC

If you are looking for a plumber in Hendersonville, please call Four Seasons Plumbing at 828-216-3894 or fill out our online request form.

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