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Four Seasons Plumbing Co-Founder and licensed master plumber Max Rose

Max Rose

Max Rose – Master Plumber & Co-Founder of Rose Plumbing Services

Max Rose, Co-Founder of Four Seasons Plumbing, is a Master Plumber known for setting high standards in the industry. His journey began in Colorado, laying a strong foundation that led him to North Carolina, where his impact continues to grow. Beyond his technical skills, Max Rose is committed to nurturing new talent and guiding many through their first steps in plumbing. As the co-founder of Four Seasons Plumbing, he brings this same dedication to his business, by ensuring top-notch service and a focus on education within his team and the broader community.

Professional Background: From Apprentice to Master Plumber

Max’s plumbing journey began at Red Rock Community College in Colorado, where he excelled with a 4.0 GPA during his three-year trade program. His thirst for knowledge and practical expertise led him to a plumbing apprenticeship in 2002 under the tutelage of Kelly Vowel, at Colorado State. By 2004, Max had secured his Colorado State Residential Plumbing License (#000386485), marking the beginning of an illustrious career.

Certifications and Achievements

Max’s pursuit of excellence didn’t stop in Colorado. He expanded his horizons to North Carolina, where he achieved several noteworthy certifications, including the prestigious North Carolina State P1 Unlimited Plumbing License (#28016) and the NC State Well Seal Certification. His good seal certification, a testament to his commitment to public health and safety, underscores his expertise in ensuring the integrity and competence of water well systems.

In 2014, Max furthered his education and expertise by graduating from the Ultimate Tech Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas, a testament to his lifelong commitment to learning and professional development.

Philosophy and Approach: A Commitment to Education and Mutual Success

As a Nexstar Network member since 2010 and a Nexstar Service System Certified professional, Max embodies the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Nexstar, a member-owned network of contractors, aligns perfectly with Max’s philosophy of mutual success through continued education and the sharing of best practices.

Nurturing the Next Generation

Max’s dedication to the plumbing profession extends beyond his achievements. He has mentored over 40 apprentice plumbers in North Carolina, investing in the industry’s future and ensuring the continuation of high standards in plumbing services.