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4 Common Signs That Your Shower Valve Needs Repair

A shower valve is an important part of your bathroom plumbing, but it might not be a component you usually consider. Shower valves can help adjust water temperature, flow, and pressure, and they play a major role in your shower’s performance. If you’ve ever turned on the water and found your shower experience didn’t live up to your usual standards, your shower valve could be at fault.

Four Seasons Plumbing can help you return your shower to normal.

Learn more about shower valves, including how to gauge when you need Asheville shower valve repair.

What Is A Shower Valve?

Shower valves are part of the plumbing inside your shower. This valve is found inside your shower’s handle in most modern homes. There are a few different types of valves standard in showers.

Pressure balancing valves are installed in showers and sinks, and faucets. Their name sounds like they handle water pressure, but these valves manage the temperature of the water that comes out of the shower or faucet. This valve monitors a consistent ratio of warm and cool water. Pressure balancing valves make adjustments when the water pressure changes.

Thermostatic valves also maintain water temperature. With a thermostatic valve, you don’t need to adjust the heat every time you get in the shower. A thermostatic valve sets the water temperature to a predetermined range. If you take a piping hot shower every morning, you can set your thermostatic valve to always produce that temperature.

Diverter and transfer valves monitor water flow within the shower. If you have a combination shower and tub, this valve is what sends water from the tub spout up to the showerhead, and it will also send the water back from the showerhead to the tub spout when you reserve it.

shower valve

Other Important Shower Parts

Shower valves are integral to your shower’s functioning, but they aren’t the only important piece of plumbing. Your shower also has other necessary components and problems with these parts can be easily confused with shower valve issues.

A valve cartridge is a type of faucet often installed in modern showers. Cartridge faucets contain small holes that regulate water flowing between the valve and the faucet. Problems with your valve cartridge can have very similar symptoms compared to issues with your main shower valve.

Shower shutoff valves are also closely related to the shower valve. Your shower has two shutoff valves, one for hot water and one for cold water. If these valves become clogged or corroded, your shower could experience significant concerns such as lack of water flow or flooding.

Common Shower Valve Problems

Shower valves influence the entire shower experience. These components set the water temperature, maintain water pressure, and send water from your tub spout to the shower. If you have problems with shower temperature, pressure, or basic water flow, your shower valve might have an issue. Four Seasons Plumbing can send a professional plumber to diagnose and solve the following problems.

Wear and Tear

Shower valves don’t last forever, and regular use will eventually cause your shower valve to stop working. Valve seals can wear out and cause leaks over time. The valve’s bearings can wear down, impacting valve function and causing unexpected temperature changes.

You may need shower valve repair if your valve is starting to wear out. Large families and homes with old plumbing often see this issue. Four Seasons Plumbing can help you speedily solve this problem by installing a new valve.

The Shower Knob Doesn’t Turn

If your shower is hard to turn on, this is a sign that it’s ready for repair. A knob or handle resistance can signify that your shower valve has fallen out of alignment. This issue may be caused by damage, corrosion, or other issues. You should treat this problem immediately so it doesn’t get worse.

Leaky Shower Heads

Dripping or leaking shower heads are common signs of plumbing issues. Your showerhead might drip after you turn off the water, or perhaps it has a constant leak at all times. A leak often means that your shower valve is losing its seal, and it cannot stop the water anymore. Leaks might seem like small annoyances at first, but they can be the start of a larger and more expensive problem.

Leaks can also be caused by problems with your valve cartridge and a few other issues. If your shower has developed a drip, contact Four Seasons Plumbing. We can identify the problem and restore your shower to its normal function.

Changing Water Temperature or Pressure

Surprise water changes can ruin any shower. Whether the water turns too hot or too cold, sudden temperature changes are startling and uncomfortable. Changing water temperature and pressure can have several causes. Your shower valve might have developed a build-up that interferes with the hot and cold water ratio. The plumbing may be suffering from general wear and tear. In other cases, the water heater is the source of the problem.

If you have unexpected temperature shifts or changes in water pressure, call Four Seasons Plumbing to examine the issue. We can help you determine if your valve, water heater, or other component is the problem.

Learn More About Your Shower Valve

Shower valves are a vital component of your bathroom plumbing. Since these parts are hidden within your shower wall, it can be hard to tell when they have a problem. Four Seasons Plumbing can help identify and solve any issues with your shower valve. If you’re experiencing these problems or any other unusual shower performance, give us a call at 828-216-3894. We’ll be happy to solve your shower problems.

Max Rose - Owner of Four Seasons Plumbing


Max Rose

Max Rose is the owner of Four Seasons Plumbing, a plumbing company in Asheville, North Carolina.