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What Are the Signs That Your Water Heater Is Going Out?

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A quick, cold shower can feel great after a workout or on a scorching day, but for the most part, people prefer hot water when they shower. It’s more than dismaying on a cold winter morning when you get up to get ready for work and find your shower cold. We offer top quality water heater repair services near Asheville and water heater installation services to homeowners.

Or take a cold Blue Ridge winter night, for example. Maybe you’d just like to soak in a hot bath with some scented candles or whatever else you like with your bath, but when you turn the hot water on, only cold water comes out.

Instead of discovering the frustrating (cold) way, there are signs to look out for. These signs tell you that your hot water heater is about to go. Call a reliable plumber for water heater installation or repair when you notice them.

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Hot Water That Isn’t So Hot

Sediments and minerals accumulate inside a hot water tank over time, and if not flushed out, they can cause a leak, which might be why the water isn’t as hot as you expect it to be. So if you’re getting lukewarm water, that’s a clear sign of a bad heating element and that the heater is close to failing.

Cloudy or Rusty Water

If you see cloudy or rusty water coming out, that’s a bad sign and an indicator that the heater might be about to go. Rust buildup inside the tank is the likely culprit when your water isn’t hot and clear the way it should be (it may also emit strange or foul odors). Call a plumber for servicing if you see this. A cleanup or a repair might save you the expense of replacing your water heater.

Water Around the Base of the Heater

Obviously, a tank is for holding water, not leaking it. The water around the base of a water heater doesn’t always indicate a leak, but it’s often the case. A water leak is one of the surest signs that your water heater is close to the end of its run, and you need a new one. Plumbers can fix a leaking valve, but if the tank itself is leaking, it’s time to start looking for a replacement.

Banging Sounds

Water heaters are supposed to be pretty quiet, and since they’re often in basements or other locations that don’t get all that much traffic, people don’t often hear them even when they are making standard noises. So when you hear banging sounds emanating from the water tank, it’s probably a safe bet to expect trouble. When sediment in the tank hardens, a water heater has trouble working properly. To possibly avoid failure and an expensive repair or replacement, call a plumber who can come and check it out.

Old Age

How old is your water heater? The typical water heater lasts from 10 to 15 years. If yours is nearing the end of its natural lifespan, you might consider accepting the inevitable and getting a new water heater. Why? If you wait for it to go out on its own, you might get hit with expensive repairs along the way. Also, a newer water heater is going to run more efficiently. And an efficiently running water heater performs better and saves energy, which in turn will save you money on utility bills. So consider replacing that old water heater.

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Max Rose

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