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Four Seasons Plumbing Offers 5 Tips to Improve Your Asheville Home’s Water Quality

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Four Seasons Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving the Asheville and Hendersonville areas, is celebrating Water Quality Month by sharing advice homeowners can use to improve their water’s quality.

August is National Water Quality Month, which is aimed at reducing pollution and improving the condition of waterways. The City of Asheville’s latest Water Quality Report showed the city’s drinking water exceeded the standards set out by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. However, in order to maintain that level, there are steps Buncombe County residents can take in order to preserve Asheville’s high water quality.

“During the current situation, that means that we’re taking every step to ensure that the health and safety of our customers and Four Seasons team members is our top priority.”

“When we put something down a drain, it has to go somewhere,” Max Rose, owner of Four Seasons Plumbing, said. “We can all do our part to make sure our streams, rivers and ultimately our drinking water stay clean.”

Some measures Ashevillians can take in order to help minimize pollution and improve water quality include:

  • Use nontoxic household products when possible – Whenever something goes down a drain it eventually ends up in the water supply. While toilets and sinks lead to the sewer system, which is treated, using non-toxic products can be beneficial if the water escapes through a leak or break along the way to the sewage treatment center or if your house uses a private septic system. Lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar make great alternatives.
  • Inspecting wells and testing your well water – If a home is served by well water, have it inspected and tested by a certified professional to ensure it is not being contaminated by groundwater or other underlying sources.
  • Use native plants in for landscaping – Plants native to western North Carolina shouldn’t need as much water or fertilizer as plants that are from outside the region.
  • Properly dispose of potentially toxic substances– Materials such as paint, pharmaceuticals, motor oil and other chemicals, if not disposed of properly, will eventually end up in the water table. The local pharmacy and police department will dispose of any unused medicines. The Buncombe landfill accepts hazardous waste on scheduled days.
  • Keep toxic materials away from storm drains – Motor oil, fertilizers, pet droppings and any other manner of toxic materials can find their way to the water supply by way of storm drains.

“A common misconception is that storm drains are part of the sewer system, when in fact they’re not,” Rose said. “That means the motor oil you pour into the drain or the excess fertilizer from your yard will end up in the waterways, harming wildlife and lowering everyone’s drinking water quality.”

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Max Rose - Owner of Four Seasons Plumbing


Max Rose

Max Rose is the owner of Four Seasons Plumbing, a plumbing company in Asheville, North Carolina.