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6 Reasons You Should Call an Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber

No one wants to face a plumbing emergency in Asheville, but accidents and breaks around the home do happen. You never know when you’ll discover a plumbing situation you simply can’t handle yourself. Flooding, sewage overflows, and other plumbing emergencies are not only unpleasant to deal with, but can also cause permanent damage to your home. You can prepare for the unexpected by learning some common signs you need a plumber. Explore six reasons why you should call an emergency plumber like Four Seasons Plumbing immediately.

Risk of Flooding

Any situation that creates a flood risk must be addressed immediately. You need to discover and handle the root cause of the flooding, but first, it’s important to stop the flow of water. Uncontrolled water in your home can cause a cascade of problems.

Damage to your belongings and your home’s finishes is one concern. Furniture, home goods, and valuables can all be ruined in a flood. It can also damage your home’s structural integrity. Your floors, walls, ceilings, major systems, foundation, and more can be impacted by a home flood. Mold can also quickly infest flooded homes. It’s important to tackle this problem immediately.

Call Four Seasons Plumbing as soon as you notice flooding in your house. Our expert technicians will arrive at your home as soon as possible to help control the damage.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are one main cause of home floods and other types of water damage. Damaged pipes can allow enormous amounts of water to enter your home all at once, quickly flooding your house and causing extensive structural damage.

Some burst pipes are obvious. For example, if one of the exposed pipes under your sink, behind your toilet, or connected to your washing machine breaks, you can easily see the source of the water. Other types of pipe damage can be harder to find. When a pipe breaks inside a wall, in a ceiling, or under the floor, you may not immediately notice the damage. Look for water seeping from walls, ceilings, and floors to diagnose a potentially broken pipe.

If you think your home has a broken pipe, get in touch with an emergency plumbing service right away. No matter the time of day, our expert technicians here at Four Seasons Plumbing can locate and fix your burst pipes. We can even guide you through turning off the water to your home over the phone, so you can stop the flow as soon as possible.

Overflowing Toilet

Overflowing toilets are an unfortunate fact of life. Every home faces a backed-up toilet at one time or another. While it can be embarrassing and unpleasant to deal with, it’s an issue that must be dealt with as soon as possible. Overflowing toilets can introduce contaminated water to your home. Bacteria, viruses, and waste material are a risk to your family’s health.

Since toilet troubles are some of the most common plumbing problems people face, you may be willing to pick up a plunger and clear the blockage yourself. However, this strategy includes some risks. Your efforts may make the situation worse, adding to the water and waste on your bathroom floor. Experienced plumbers like Four Seasons Plumbing are also better prepared to tackle an overflowing toilet. With industry-standard equipment and years of experience, expert plumbers can minimize the damage.

Sewage Backup

A fully functioning sewage system carries away all the waste products that should be removed from your home. But when your sewage line is backed up, these substances can return up your pipes to re-enter your house. Unpleasant odors and fumes usually make it obvious that you have a sewage problem but, depending on the situation, you may also see solids reappearing in your sinks, appliances, and more.

If you ever suspect you’re dealing with a sewage backup, you should call your emergency plumber immediately. A backed-up sewer can introduce dangerous fumes and pathogens to your home, which poses serious health risks. This may also compromise the function of your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry appliances. In some situations, homes lose all their running water due to the backup.

Sewage backups can be caused by several different reasons, ranging from blockages, broken pipes, tree roots, and more. Four Seasons Plumbing is experienced in all kinds of sewage backups and can help solve your problem.

Freezing Showers

Cold showers can be refreshing, but when your shower suddenly loses the ability to produce any warm water, this is a sign your water heater is having trouble. Try troubleshooting your water heater yourself by checking the breaker box or pilot light. If you can’t restart your heater, or if it’s making rattling noises, it’s time to bring in a professional.

Experienced plumbers can help you get your water heater running again in no time. Keep in mind that these heaters do have a lifespan of around ten years. If your water heater is more than a decade old and is having trouble, it might be time for a replacement. Professional plumbers can also guide you through the process of selecting a new heater and replacing your broken model.

Clogged Drains

Your home has a variety of drains. Kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers, bathtubs, and even appliances like dishwashers and washing machines need to drain their used water.

When a sink or tub is clogged, many people try to solve the issue themselves first. Simple tools like running your disposal or plunging the drain may be able to remove small clogs.

However, some clogs simply need a professional touch. When you’re facing a drain you can’t entirely unclog, be sure to contact an emergency plumber right away. A sink that drains slowly is a sink that’s still partially clogged. You should also bring in an emergency plumber if you notice multiple drains in your house are clogged. This is a sign that the blockage may have moved out of the drain itself and into your home’s pipes. Professional plumbers not only have the necessary skills and experience, but they also have the right tools that can handle major clogs and sewer problems that affect your entire house.

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If you’re dealing with home flooding or any of these other situations, save yourself from the stress and hassle by calling an emergency plumber immediately. Four Seasons Plumbing is your Asheville area, plumbing experts. Get in touch with us the moment you notice a dangerous plumbing situation. We’ll have your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Max Rose - Owner of Four Seasons Plumbing


Max Rose

Max Rose is the owner of Four Seasons Plumbing, a plumbing company in Asheville, North Carolina.